Our Suppliers

Where: Calgary, Alberta
What they provide us: Sourdough, 7 grain, Rye, Whole Wheat, White, Potato Brioche, Ciabatta, Onion Baguette
Who:Good Bread YYC makes what we think is the best bread in the city. Flavorful and fresh, we get multiple deliveries per week to ensure you always have the best product.

Where: Calgary, Alberta
What: Wholegrain mustard
Who: Originally founded in 1995, Brassica has been producing amazing artisan mustards for years. Always innovating and trying new flavors, we love the classics but also unique other flavors like Dill, Korean spice, and Coffee.

Where: Wetaskiwin, Hardisty, and Armena, Alberta
What: Sirloin, Roast for French Dip, Short Rib
Who: A cooperative of 3 family owned and operated farms, who select the animals for specific attributes that work well on a grass and forage based diet. Premium marbled grass fed beef.

Where: Coaldale, Alberta
What: Cucumbers, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Gem Tomatoes, Fresh Ginger, Lettuces
Who: Founded in 1994, Mans Organics is a small scale family owned and operated farm. Their objective is to farm regeneratively: to grow nutrient dense produce while at the same time increasing soil health.

Where: Picture Butte, Alberta
What: The amazing milk that is in your lattes and cappuccinos, Gouda, Yoghurt
Who: Founded in 2004, this dairy has its own irrigated land which the 65 cows are left to graze on during the summer months, before being fed crops that are grown on more family owned land during the winter.

Where: Brooks, Alberta
What: Goat Cheese
Who: The Hermus family moved from The Netherlands to Canada in 2005 and started cereal crops. They now make amazing cheese, and other goats milk products.

Where: Black Creek, British Columbia
What: Flaky Sea Salt
Who: Located on 400 acre farm with 2km of ocean frontage on Oyster Bay, the surrounding waters are glacier fed and bordered by old growth forests. This brings a unique blend of minerals to the salt while keeping the taste pure and clean.

Where: Lyalta, Alberta
What: Microgreens
Who: Lyalta Gardens is a small greenhouse farm located east of Calgary, and specializes in microgreens, herbs, and lettuces.

Where: Calgary, Alberta
What: Empanadas, Whole Wheat Sourdough
Who: Started by Carmen and Max, Good Fillin’ produces naturally gluten free empanadas, and amazing whole wheat sourdough where each loaf is made by hand.